Pacific Hawksbill (the most colorful turtle in the sea)

wood type : walnut

4'6" x 2' 7"

(available for sale)


Blue Marlin
wood : walnut
5' x 27"
(Available for sale)


Great Horned Owl (walnut wood) .Sold

Skipjack Tuna 

Wood : walnut

33" x 17" )

(12 " mirror)


Horseshoe Crab 
wood : walnut
30" x 17"
(12" mirror).
(available ).Six different hanging options)


Horseshoe Crab mirror
26.5"wide  x 16"high.
walnut wood. Three different hanging options - slant right slant left and horizontal.More can be added on request. (sold)

Turtle Mirror
Wood type : walnut
(18 " mirror )
29" wide X 44.5 " high.
 Six different hanging option - ( verical (2),horizontal (2),slant (2).

HSC (Back).JPG

Hawksbill sea turtle.EnglishWalnut wood.31"wide 28" high. $450.Available


 Elephant  mirror from one piece Walnut wood. (sold )

'GREAT  BLUE HERON.(walnut wood),..42" X 28"X 1.25" - SOLD

Horseshoe Crab Mirror from Walnut wood 46"X 20".
    (12"mirror).Six different hanging option on back : up/down, horizontal left and right,slant left and right.

Anchor Mirror
Walnut wood.
35" high 28"wide.

Great Blue Heron.
(walnut wood.
15"w X 39" h


Great Blue Heron.JPG